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Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses

Awesome trendy Wholesale Fashion sunglasses at cheap wholesale prices. Keep your store up to date with our wholesale women's sunglasses, this is the largest selection of our eyewear and very fast selling designs. Wholesale oversized sunglasses are another style thats been very hot this year.  We have a super hot ladies selection of eyewear.  Guaranteed to make you some great profits, we are in the retail and wholesale industry we do know what sells best! Most of our fashion sunglasses start out at $1.50 a pair and go up from there. We have lots of plastic and metal frames in this collection. There are so many styles of fashion sunglasses now a days.  The plain classic Wayfarer sunglasses are still some of our most popular frames and lenses.  You can't beat them for the price and style of elegance. Remember all our wholesale
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