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Sunglass Trailer

Sunglass event trailer that will blow your mind in sales. I dont want to talk up the trailer business too much. We have sold many of these, they are great for fairs, festivals, roadside, flea markets, mall cart owners trying to escape looking for another avenue since mall traffic is getting minimal.  Get you a trailer and start seeing some serious sales.  Open the 3 doors and be ready for business. 

I've personally sold in hundreds of fairs, festivals, state fairs, air shows, beaches, you name it. I use to have to set up an EZUP 10x10 tent, then 4-5 tables, signs, banners, mirrors, Then unbox 150 dozen, then set everything up getting ready for the day.  Then after about 5 years I got wise and created a selling machine. Pull it anywhere, pop up the 3 sides, and your ready for sales in 5 minutes. With the #1 best presentation sunglass display ever.  Show your competition what they are dealing with. You will blow everyones mind selling sunglasses at your next event!  I know from experience. 

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