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Unisex Hipster Circle Lens Metal Frame Sunglasses 1 Dozen 51033RV -

Unisex Hipster Circle Lens Metal Frame Sunglasses 1 Dozen 51033RV

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You know what really sucks when retailing sunglasses... Having a dozen with 2 VERY hot sellers, then having 2 colors that are ugly you cannot even sell them for $1.99 or even give them away FREE! Then ending up stuck with hundreds of pairs that you could never sell. Wont dont allow that to happen. Get a full 12 pairs of HOT selling colors per dozen. We here at know the struggles. We've done it all fairs, festivals, car shows, been in over 30 mall's, state fairs you name it.åÊ With our company we guarantee you we will never sell you junk! The name of the game is to move QTY and sell them for as much as you possibly can to make a good profit but get your daily gross sales up.åÊ We give you all the tools you need you see great success which means profit.åÊ Having a strong Women's & Men's Fashion, Sports Sunglasses, Hipster Sunglasses, Polarized Sunglasses. As you can see most all of our sunglasses is Medium to Higher End. We don't sell anything junk for $8-$12 a dozen. When scooping down to those low low prices, you start taking away from the quality of the frame and the lens.åÊ This is something we won't do. When a customer tries a pair on and says "wow" these brighten my day, that's how you sell and another sales tool. There is enough customers who will pay $10, $12, $15, even $20 per pair.åÊ We offer a guaranteed to sell product guarantee. Give us a shot at your business, you will be pleased.åÊ We ship everything within 24 hours. All sunglasses come 12 pairs to a dozen and in assorted colors, hot selling colors.åÊ When were buying, if we see some wild ugly color, were skipping that style. The more you sell = the more we sell. Simple math. Thanks for giving us a shot at your business.